Frequently Asked QuestionsEverything You Need To Know

Lion’s Share is a decentralized Ethereum Smart Contract that has been deployed directly on the blockchain. We have a global crowdfunding platform that can be operated from any country in the world. We offer a peer to peer matrix compensation plan that pays 100% commissions directly and instantly to our members.

Lion’s Share was created for the People. It does not have or require an owner or an admin. It is a self operating system located on the blockchain, that cannot be changed or altered.

A “smart contract” is simply a piece of code that is running on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s called a “contract” because code that runs on Ethereum can control valuable things like ETH or other digital assets.

All commissions are paid in ETH, and are paid directly and instantly to our members wallets. The smart contract never receives payments, therefore you will never have to wait on a commission. It will be paid directly to you.

We only accept ETH.

Yes you can upgrade your package at any time you wish to, by simply logging into your back office and selecting the package you wish to upgrade to.

In order to earn commissions from the L1 or L2, you are required to own the package the commission is generated on. The system will automatically pay the commission to the next person in line if you are not active at the package in which the commission is generated.

Lion’s Share is a follow-me matrix which means you will never lose the people you personally refer to our system. If you are not active at a position and you personally refer someone who purchases that package, they will follow the next available upline until you become active..
You will pass up a commission and the person to your upline if you are not active on a package that generates a sale. However, once you become active on that level you will get the person back, after the said person cycles. We created this so that you never lose your personal sales.

There is no guarantee of earnings without effort. Just like any legitimate business it requires effort to earn. There is an opportunity for spillover on our L2 platform, but the more people you refer, and the more team members you help, the more you will earn.

On the L1 you must refer others to earn commissions. On the L2 it is not required to refer others to earn a commission, because you can receive some spillover commissions. However, the more active you are in your business the more income potential you have.

L1 is a for your direct referrals. You will earn on positions #1 and #2 in your matrix and will pass up position #3 to your sponsor.

L2 is a team effort. You will pass up positions #1 and #2 to your upline. However, you will earn from positions #3, #4, and #5. The 6th position goes to your sponsor.

The only thing required to create your account is a Meta Mask or Trust ETH Wallet. You will not be asked to provide personal information.

When you become a paid member you will receive your affiliate link located in your back office. You will share this link with others to refer them to your business.

Lion’s Share is risk free! There is no company, no admin, it is a self operating system located on the blockchain that cannot be changed or destroyed. You can feel safe knowing that Lion’s Share will not go away.

We recommend you use Meta Mask. This is a free wallet, which is a Google Chrome and Firefox extension. Meta Mask is completely free to create. You can also connect other ETH wallets to your Meta Mask wallet if you choose to.
If you are an Android user you can also set up a Trust wallet on your phone. This is also completely free to do, and will work automatically with our system.

This means the system is not run or owned by anyone. The creators of the program are participants just like you. It also means you can run your business completely anonymously.

No, once your account is created it can never be removed or destroyed.

Lion’s Share is a Smart Contract on the blockchain. As long as there is a blockchain, Lion’s Share will be in business.

Spillover can occur on the L2 packages. It is when you have members show up in your matrix that you did not personally refer. This can come from people above you or below you, and can help you cycle.

No, you can earn as much ETH as you would like. The more people you refer, and the more people you assist with growing their business, the better your income potential.

You can purchase the L1 or L2 package independently. However, you can only upgrade to double your L1 package. For instance if you own package one on the L1 system you can purchase up to package 2 on L2. If you own up to package 4 on L1, then you can purchase up to package 8 on L2.

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